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Server Monitoring

Our Server Monitoring support permits us to keep a close eye on your hosting servers. We can eliminate downtime and recognize areas of need instantly and correct them efficiently. If you have a Tier 1 Support package with us, the cost is only $25 per month per server!

We certainly have a robust clump of servers that utilize a customized Nagios monitoring application from various geographical places. This program permits us to monitor servers, services and any other web based device.


Discounted Monitor Pricing For Support Clients

Servers Pricing Buy
1 - 20 Servers $25 per month per server Buy Now
21+ Servers $20 per month per server Buy Now

Server Monitor Pricing Without Outsourced Support

Servers Pricing Buy
5 - 10 Servers $50 per month per server Buy Now
11 - 20 Servers $45 per month per server Buy Now
21+ Servers $40 per month per server Buy Now

Tier 2 Support

While Our Tier 1 support includes almost all of the Tier 1 and 2 of other support firms, some products remain categorized as billable work. For those who have a custom job that needs doing we can help you schedule the time and staff to make major adjustments, migrate your clients to new hosting websites, or upgrade modules and components. Please contact your Account Manager or our Sales team to discuss the costs of specific jobs .

Why is Server Monitoring Important?

Monitoring your servers by yourself is expensive and time consuming . It takes a dedicated staff of experts , which can consume your budget immediately. It's almost impossible to compete in the hosting industry without specialist server monitoring and the budget to support it .

With our Server Monitoring service you can be sure your customers can transact on your website regardless of where they connect to the internet. They can also monitor URLs over the internet, intranet, WIFI and 3G/4G networks.

Benefits of ServerHelp911 Server Monitoring Service

We provide you with more than just freed up time and a smaller cost compared to monitoring your servers on your own. With our professional server monitoring support, you gain access to a team of experts in the hosting industry. You can check in from anywhere in the world and you gain an extra set of hands to deal with upgrades and maintenance.

Take informed decisions and increase server performance by improving disk I/O, reducing CPU Usage and performing load balancing using this Server Monitoring tool. Additionally with ServerHelp911 Server Monitoring, you can monitor resources inside your private network like intranet portals, ERP systems, payroll applications, ping network devices, servers, application servers, database servers.

Assistance and Solution

With over seven years of experience as a trusted server help provider, we offer innovative and guaranteed server support to customers worldwide. We assure you that if you are with us you don't have to think again and again as you will be getting service worth each penny. We help businesses successfully meet their challenges and achieve a productive, effective, and functional working environment.

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