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Remoter Technical Support

Simple and supported FTP Backup options

Serverhelp911, offer complete solution to each query. Well it's very important for an organization to satisfy their customer & provide them best technical support system. It's true that when customers make a decision to buy products or services, they don't just look at their features and benefits. They also consider the after-sales support for the same. We offer best remote support service to handle customer's queries.

We offer a diverse range of offshore remote support services to suit varied customer needs. These include services to:

We can provide remote support to both your end customers as well as act as an internal remote helpdesk for your employees. We have answer to each query and will happy to help you in the best suited way.

The benefits you can get by hiring us is as under

  • Remote IT support over the phone
  • Access online support (through chats or e-mail)
  • Access a self-support web site to troubleshoot issues
  • Ask for service technicians to be dispatched
  • Reduce costs without compromising on quality
  • Increase revenue through cross-selling/up-selling activities
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Additional Features

100% Guarantee

Serverhelp911 provides world’s most fast, reliable hosting with hosting with 100% uptime guaranteed as part of our service level agreement.

Server Optimization

Hire a consultant for weeks or use our Server Optimization Service to fix your server performance issues in a few minutes? Our service is guaranteed.

Support Chatroom

Advice, support, expertise. Whatever you need, Serverhelp911 experts are there to help you out in any way they can. Just let us know the problem we will fix the same.