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Managed IT Services

Serverhelp911, offer 24x7 unified set of IT Managed Services

We offer 24x7 unified set of IT Managed Services to keep your organization operating continuously and reliably. Together, they form an extensive service that allows your organization to focus on information, while leaving both technology procedures and management to us. We customize our services for each customer, considering the task level in each service area. This enables to you improve and control how your systems will be managed to suit your exact needs.

Network Managed Services

Network Administration

  • WAN accelerators
  • Router, BGP, OSPF
  • Load balancers
  • Switches (layer 2 and layer 3), VLANs
  • Firewalls, IPS/IDS and SSL VPN gateways
  • MPLS, IPsec, WAN, ISP relationships

Server Manged Services

Windows Administration

  • OS installation, upgrades, uninstallation
  • Performance and tuning
  • Disks, volumes, partitions, file shares and permissions

Virtualization Administration

  • Hypervisor, vRAM, vCPU
  • Datastores, virtual switch
  • VM Templates, snapshots
  • HA, vMotion
  • Management center: vCenter or VMM

Hardware Administration

  • Physical hardware components CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC cards of servers
  • Enclosures and chassis components like management modules
  • Firmware and BIOS

Active Directory Administration

  • Domain Controller Promotion, Demotion
  • Ad Domain Services, Forests, Trees, Schema, Gc, Ops Master, Etc
  • Ad Sites, Trust And Replication
  • Group Policy
  • Dhcp Server Role, Scopes And Database

Application Manged Services

Exchange Administration

  • Client, Access and Hub Transport roles
  • Database and DAGs
  • CCR or stretched DAG replication
  • SMTP flow between organizations
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server

Database Administration

  • Installation, update and uninstallation
  • DB instances and maintenance jobs
  • DB Clustering
  • DB replication, mirroring
  • DB backup

Application Administration

  • FTP
  • Terminal Services / RDS
  • Citrix XenApp
  • SharePoint infrastructure
  • Microsoft Lync server infrastructure
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