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High Availability Clusters

Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Mature Linux Clustering

Serverhelp911, High Availability Cluster is an industry-leading open source clustering technique that is easy to setup and utilize. You can apply it in both physical and virtual environments. One of the advantages of a clustered technique is that it has equipment and software redundancy and the cluster system includes a variety of unbiased nodes, and each node runs a clone of operating system and application software. High accessibility can be accomplished by discovering node or daemon problems and reconfiguring the system properly, so that the workload can be taken over by the left over nodes in the cluster.

Our clustering service enables to preserve continuity, protect data stability and boost uptime for Linux workloads. The key aspect of our service is that they can be tracked easily and off line history explorer is available which enable users to examine a cluster history on an independent system without the need to access the cluster for support. We also provide user friendly web front and tools for fast and easy cluster setup that can be managed by anyone easily.


  • Flexible, Policy-Driven Clustering
  • Continuous Data Replication
  • Set-Up and Installation
  • User-friendly web front
  • Resource Agents
  • Virtualization Aware
  • Management and Administration Tools
  • Cluster-Aware File System and Volume Management

Benefits of our high availability cluster service

Serverhelp911, focuses on delivery excellence and efficiency ensures that organizations derive significant benefits from the high availability cluster service:

  • Easily install, configure and manage clustered Linux servers.
  • Deliver outstanding uptime and performance even under full CPU loads and high memory stress.
  • Improve service availability and resource utilization.
  • Option to cluster virtual servers with each other and with physical servers as per requirement.
  • Eliminate your anxiety over data loss as we provide intelligent locking mechanism to maintains data integrity
  • Real-time synchronization quickly restores clustered services.
  • Get a best-in-class geo-clustering solution.

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