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Advanced Server Security

Serverhelp911, blends penetration testing with a vulnerability evaluation to recognize and validate threats or weaknesses which could sacrifice your IT security. Our IT security specialists use "best-in-class" sweeping equipment to carry out vulnerability assessments that recognize the highest potential risk to your environment. We then perform penetration testing (ethical hacking) to manually simulate real-world network attacks, mimicking the strategies employed by malicious outsiders. The result is an IT security report of findings and a comprehensive risk evaluation with actionable suggestions to assist you better protect your IT security such as network infrastructure, critical systems, and private information.

Major penetration testing we perform:

  • Penetration Testing: Internal Networks
  • Penetration Testing: External Networks
  • Penetration Testing: Wireless Networks
  • Penetration Testing: Custom Infrastructure
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Why Serverhelp911?

Unlike security wholesalers focused on assembly line assessments, at Serverhelp911 we deliver a product as per your needs. We work with our clients to develop an accurate profile of what the business’s primary function is, exactly where the threats come from, and what the goal of the is. This can be done in order that the work carried out matches your exact needs and not just what could be easily productized.

Once access to the target systems is acquired, that is definitely when the real work begins of displaying the exposure the organization would face if this was truly a malicious state.

Beyond just the benefit of identification of possible holes in your defenses, we attempt to offer you the assurance that in case you face an adverse event, you have the experience to effectively handle the situation.

Where appropriate, we can work with your development team as part of your application lifecycle to make sure that issues are uncovered early on where they are less expensive to correct.

Post evaluation, we follow you to recognize what could have been in place to help prevent, recognize, and recover from any malicious actions that could have been taken against your organization.

Assistance and Solution

With over seven years of experience as a trusted server help provider, we offer innovative and guaranteed server support to customers worldwide. We assure you that if you are with us you don't have to think again and again as you will be getting service worth each penny. We help businesses successfully meet their challenges and achieve a productive, effective, and functional working environment.

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