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Protect & Mitigate even the largest DDoS attack with us

Let us protect your business from DDoS Attacks of any size.

If we neglect DoS, then it's single attack can cost an organization more than 8 hours of downtime for each day. Basically, DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to make a server unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. It is basically aimed at crippling the business of a target. For effective protection from such attacks, servers should be able to distinguish DoS attacks and automatically block the source IPs. Serverhelp911, DoS Mitigation service rescues your server from an ongoing DoS attack, and hardens your server to identify and block DoS attacks with minimal impact on server resources.

DDoS mitigation provides the unique hardware based protection system that help to maintain the availability for Managed Hosting services. Putting DDoS protection in place is not enough. Under attack situations, you need to have the right DDoS protection to ensure your website and mission-critical network infrastructure remains available at all times.

Benefits you will get

A security expert logs into your server within 30 mins

Immediately check and stop on ongoing DoS attack

Harden the server to identify DoS and block DoS attacks with minimal impact on server resources.

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Why Serverhelp911 for DDos Mitigation

In an industry full of DDoS mitigation service providers making big promises, only Prolexic has the expertise, experience and track record to mitigate all DDoS attacks. Thats why DDoS attacks end here. Further key features of our DDos Mitigation service is -:

Eliminate Downtime

Recognize and filter malicious traffic 24x7x365 with layered security built using several technologies for the most extensive protection.

Offload DDoS processing

Maintain your infrastructure resources focused on business workloads by offloading DDoS working to our mitigation equipment.

Quick response

When our network security team is alerted to a continuous or expected DDoS attacks they immediately initiate mitigation measures and contact you.

Assistance and Solution

With over seven years of experience as a trusted server help provider, we offer innovative and guaranteed server support to customers worldwide. We assure you that if you are with us you don't have to think again and again as you will be getting service worth each penny. We help businesses successfully meet their challenges and achieve a productive, effective, and functional working environment.

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